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Bracco Travel Carriers

Bracco Car Carriers we introduce the new, larger Travel Carriers in five sizes for pets up to 100kg in weight (from max 25kg on the smallest size). Stylish but above all practical they comply with current IATA guidelines, making them ideal for transporting pets of most types and sizes by air, sea or land. As well as transporting pets safely the Carriers are also ideal for shows and overnight stays in hotels or when camping, for example. They can even be used at home for convalescing pets or crate training. 

Sizes 4,5,6 features: 

Two carry handles, one can be pulled out for trolley function (with wheels) 

Lockable metal door with choice of left or right sided opening 

Two document/accessory holders Lockable, quick-release clips 

Supplied with optional security bolts 

Supplied with clip-on water bowl and Live Animal transit labels 

Can be fitted with the optional wheel set with quick-release plates. 

Sizes 7,8 features: 

Four built-in carry handles 

Metal grills and lockable metal door with choice of left or right sided opening 

Secured with metal bolts 

Live Animal transit labels. 

For the Bracco 7 and 8 platform trolleys or carts are recommended and our bolt-on coop cups are ideal for food and water. 

0257070 x 50 x 51.5cm external dimensions
0257181 x 60 x 61.5cm external dimensions
0257292 x 64 x 67.5cm external dimensions
02573102 x 73 x 76.5cm external dimensions
02574118 x 81 x 88cm external dimensions
025754/5/6 wheel set
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