Our Grillhouse treats are a lip-smacking range of bbq shaped rawhide treats for dogs. They reflect the trend towards the humanised way that we treat our dogs.

The range consists of savoury chicken legs, crunchy kebabs and tasty t-bone steaks.

The products are made using a totally unique process for rawhide. Rawhide is reduced back to its original form, blended with the
ingredients in a mixer just like a cake, shaped as required and then baked in the oven. It really is just like how you would bake a cake!

All our Grillhouse treats are low in fat and high in protein and help promote dental hygiene.

This range is supplied exclusively to Rosewood in the UK.

All product packaging is resealable and
presented in a colour shelf ready tray. The
packaging also has a euroslot so can be hung
where required.

A great all year round range of products but
also a fantastic opportunity for summer

All of the factories we use have ISO22000
Food Safety Management certification.

All of the factories we use are BRC approved.
This is the world’s leading safety and quality
certification programme, used in 123