Tail Twisters

Introducing our delicious Tail Twisters range of dog treats…

Our Tail Twisters treats are a fun range of premium rawhide treats for dogs.

Tail Twisters are made with real chicken breast meat for example our
Chewylicious Chicken Twists are made with 65% chicken!

Our Rawhide Crunchy Puffs are truly unique! Made using a secret process with rawhide and chicken they look and sound just like Pork Scratchings!

Every Chicken Twist and Chicken Wrapped Chew is individually made by hand!

All our Tail Twisters treats are high in protein and help promote dental hygiene.

All products are packed in our colourful fun Tail Twisters packaging and in a colour shelf ready tray. The packaging also has a euroslot so can be hung where required.

All of the factories we use have ISO22000 

Food Safety Management certification.

All of the factories we use are BRC approved.
This is the world’s leading safety and quality
certification programme, used in 123 countries.