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How to keep your dog smiling

How to keep your dog smiling

The wagging tail and toothy grin of a dog that’s excitedly running around in circles and panting at your feet are the essential signs of a pleased pooch. But what can you do to make sure that your pet stays smiling?

Pamper those pearly whites

It’s National Smile Month, making it the perfect time to pay some extra attention to your dog’s oral health and encourage a sunny grin. Keeping your dog’s teeth clean will help to prevent periodontal disease and gum disorders that can lead to pain and discomfort. Tropiclean Fresh Breath Drops is a brand new product that keeps a dog’s mouth smelling fresh and clean with none of the hassle of daily brushing. Like other products in the Tropiclean range, it provides a simple solution to maintaining a dog’s daily oral care by reducing bad bacteria that causes halitosis, plaque and gum disease in one easy move. Just three drops added to a bowl of fresh water are enough to provide extra protection, encourage fresh breath and turn that frown upside down. Keep your eyes peeled – it’s due to launch on 15th June! If you would like to try a Tropiclean product sooner, the Fresh Breath gel kit is also available, simply add a dab of the gel to your dog’s teeth to remove plaque and tartar, no brushing required!

Get physical

Keeping your pet active is essential to ensuring that your dog’s cheerful smile doesn’t fade away. Go for long walks in the park, play fetch or choose gentle water-based activities for older dogs that have stiff joints to help maintain a healthy weight and fitness level. Treated with a fruit scent, the Biosafe germ smart dog toys are perfectly shaped for play, tug, interaction and they float too! Plus its special antimicrobial coating prevents the spread of germs, providing a more hygienic toy for your family.

Make time for the mind

Mental stimulation is key to strengthening a dog’s mind. Training with a clicker will make it easier for your pet to recognise instructions and obey your commands. Offering special treats to a dog that has followed commands will establish structure and consistency as well as love and affection. Be sure to reward your pet with a healthy 100% pure meat treat, rather than sweetened snacks that can lead to dental diseases and bad breath.

Be affectionate

Always be gentle, kind and courteous to your dog to boost self esteem. Praise your dog as much as you can, play together often and speak softly to prevent feelings of anxiety and unhappiness. Set up play dates with other animals to ensure your dog has plenty of friendships and lots of safe spaces where he feels comfortable and cared for.

What do you do to ensure your pet’s smile never turns sour? We’d love to know! Tweet or Facebook us with all your secrets.

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