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Introducing Meadow Menu!

Introducing Meadow Menu!

Nine years ago we launched our Naturals brand of small animal treats. Healthier than other treats on the market, more stimulating and better quality, Naturals has built up a large and loyal following. After years of research and development we now launch an extension to the Naturals range - Meadow Menu: grain free and superior foods for fibrevores.

The Naturals range offers consumers a healthier, more stimulating and better quality treat for their small animals. We were often asked ‘Why only treats? What about a Naturals range of main diets?’ Well, until we had the right product we didn’t want to put the Naturals name on just any food…

The three Meadow Menus foods are main diet solution for rabbits, chinchillas, degus and guinea pigs. It’s grain free, has no preservatives or GM ingredients and is low in sugar. Each diet contains over 40 natural ingredients, designed to promote good digestive health, blended into quad shaped pellets. The pellets wear growing teeth and stop selective feeding.

Selective feeding?

Fibrevores, are just like us. They will often choose to eat sweet, energy rich and unhealthy foods first which means other parts of the ‘mix’ can be left untouched. This ‘selective feeding’ is wasteful, but worse than that it results in animals receiving poor nutrition, potentially leading to a series of health problems. Meadow Menu solves this. The 100% natural meadow plants, grasses, vegetables and seeds, which provide an excellent variety of macro and micro nutrients, are cold pressed into unique Quad bits preventing selective feeding. And as this is done through the cold pressing of the ingredients, rather than through extrusion with heat, more of these essential nutrients are retained.

Why grain free?

Grain is a cheap, rich source of energy. Almost all manufactured foods for fibrevores contain processed cereal grain with a limited number of other ingredients. Feeding too much processed grain (and added sugar) to a fibrevore is like putting aviation fuel into a tractor! It’s just not how their digestive systems need to be fuelled and work! This is because fibrevores have evolved to extract nutrients from low energy, fibre rich food like meadow grasses, slowly, throughout the day:

  • Getting energy too quickly and easily from a grain based diet can reduce the amount of hay a pet eats, resulting in digestive issues
  • Grains are rich in starch and excessive starch, sugar and protein, which, if not completely digested into the small intestine, can further upset their delicate digestive systems
  • Grain based diets don’t provide the vital teeth wearing abrasion that hay and grass do, which can lead to dental problems.
  • Grain is a concentrated energy source. Small animals typically get more energy than they need from feeding on grain and are therefore at risk of suffering from obesity

…and as Meadow Menu doesn’t contain grain it means we can pack more of the great stuff in! Our three Meadow Menu diets encourage a pet’s digestive system to work as it was designed to and even contain parsnip which is a natural source of inulin which acts as a prebiotic to feed and encourage a healthy gut flora in your pet.

Experts are increasingly concerned about obesity and poor digestive and dental health in small animals and Meadow Menu is the simplest way to address these concerns. And we finally have a main diet range worthy of the Naturals brand name!

We’d love to hear from you. What do you think about the new Meadow Menu range? Share your opinions with us on Twitter or Facebook.

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