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Holidaying without your Elderly Pets

Holidaying without your Elderly Pets

What should you do when you want to go on holiday but your elderly pet is just too frail to make the journey? Here are a few ideas on how to holiday without your senior animal.

Kennels and catteries

There are plenty of licensed kennels and catteries that are happy to care for elderly animals with health problems. Pay them a visit to check if it suits your pet’s personality, lifestyle and health needs. For example, does your elderly pet need a lot of downtime? Does your dog prefer to socialise with other animals? Or would cage-free boarding be better for your Moggy than a caged facility?

Pet Sitters

If your elderly pet finds it tricky to adjust to new surroundings, a pet sitter is a convenient option. Pet sitters stay at your property while you’re away and care for your animal in their own space so that your cat or dog still has access to their favourite toys and creature comforts. They’ll also provide companionship and keep your pet in their usual routine.

Pet sitters are an ideal solution for older animals that prefer staying at home, need to rest a lot or suffer with health issues. Being away from home can also make your pet feel anxious and upset. However, it’s not as easy as simply choosing a pet sitter and jetting away last minute. You must leave behind plenty of instructions on your pet’s habits, likes, dislikes and personality traits and a general and out-of-hours telephone number for your vet. Always do a background check for references and licenses or choose from a list of registered pet sitters. It would be wise to let your pet meet the sitter before you go, to help ease the transition.

Family and friends

If you can’t afford a pet sitter you can always leave your pet with a relative or friend. The benefit is that you won’t need to check references, you can trust them 100% and it won’t cost you a penny. But remember that your friend may find it more of a challenge to care for your animal than a professional pet sitter would. Nevertheless, it may be the case that your pet feels safer and more secure with a face they already recognise and feel at ease with – if your relative is happy to step up to the plate then let them!

As a general point, ensure your vet knows the name of the person who is caring for your pet whilst you are away.

Choosing to take your pet along on holiday

If you do choose to take your pet with you on holiday be sure to choose a hotel/apartment with ground floor accommodation if your animal suffers with joint problems and can’t walk long distances. Choose self catering options so you can eat in and don’t have to leave your pet for hours whilst you dine at restaurants that aren’t dog friendly. Plus access to a kitchen means you will always have plenty of treats and meals to hand. Book a getaway that allows you to take your pet along for the ride and pack a travel bag. Check there are veterinary services close by in case your pet becomes ill and bring along favourite toys and handy travel accessories, like our non-spill travel bowl and first aid kit.

If you have some tips on leaving your elderly pet at home whilst travelling, why not share them with us on our social media channels?

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