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Hilbrae Dogs’ Home – Charity Work and Donation

Hilbrae Dogs’ Home – Charity Work and Donation

The Rosewood team hand-delivered a selection of toys and beds to local dogs' home Hilbrae Rescue Kennels last month. Based in Telford, the kennel is a charity that takes in and finds homes for stray and unwanted dogs in the nearby area.

A lovely thank you letter from the charity tells us “it was quiet for a few hours while the dogs concentrated on de-squeaking and bouncing their new toys". We’re delighted we could make such a difference!

Hilbrae currently has over 70 dogs that are looking for a new home. Dogs will always remain in their care until a suitable family is found. The rescue kennels will respond to any report of a stray, even venturing out in the middle of the night, during a storm!

Dogs homes, across the county, require charity donations to keep them running. You can get involved by making one-off cash donations, sponsoring a kennel with regular contributions, arranging fundraising events or simply dropping off toys, pet accessories and clothing to your nearest animal shelter. Hilbrae even has an Amazon Wishlist which enables you to buy gifts for the dogs in their care.

There are lots of other things you can do too that won’t cost you a penny! For example, Hilbrae Rescue Kennels needs volunteer dog walkers and help in their charity shop in Dawley. Why not give your local dog shelter a call and see what you can do to lend a helping hand?

You can really make a difference to the rescue effort by helping to keep each dog happy, healthy and safe until they can be re-homed with new, loving owners.

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