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Are you Prepared for Puppy Awareness Week?

Are you Prepared for Puppy Awareness Week?

Congratulations puppy parents - dog lovers have been revealed as the UK’s most prepared pet parents!

For Puppy Awareness Week (12- 18 September 2016), we surveyed 1,500 pet parents to highlight the considerations that go into choosing the right breed to suit our lifestyles – with one in three owners admitting to prepping for over 12 months before adopting their pup.

So, why the long wait? We asked doggy parents what their key concerns were when researching their perfect pooch, and work commitments were highlighted as the biggest consideration. Why? Dogs are highly sociable creatures who generally do not like to be left alone. Many respondents felt that their working hours may not be ideal for a pup and therefore chose to wait.

Surprisingly, finance was less of a concern for those who waited for over 12 months, with many commenting that they felt that they had enough time to prepare and calculate the costs. This is compared with the 20 per cent of dog owners who prepared for less than four weeks and admitted to finding pet parenting harder financially.

What’s more, 33 per cent of those who welcomed a dog without preparing were surprised by the impact their new arrival had on their day-to-day routine.

It’s easy to overlook the amount of time and effort that goes into puppy parenting. Like children, dogs need their humans to look after them around the clock, which is why it is so important that potential pet owners do their research and really think about how a dog will fit into their life.

So what considerations do we need to make before adopting a puppy or a dog?

  • How active are you and your family? If you want to take your dog jogging then a larger, more active breed is ideal.
  • How long will they be left alone? If your whole family is out of the house for most of the day then you need to consider how you can care for the dog during those hours – friends, neighbours or even doggy daycare are all good options.
  • Can you afford one? Create a ‘doggy budget’ and calculate how much a month your pet will cost – including food, toys, bedding, pet insurance and grooming products.
  • How big is your home? Big dogs need space, so if you live in an apartment then a smaller dog would be more suitable.
  • Do you have other pets? Consider the needs of your other pets and research the best ways to introduce them to each other. Be patient and ensure that you shower your existing pet in attention so that they don’t feel left out.

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