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Black Cats: Not Just For Halloween

Black Cats: Not Just For Halloween

Although black cats are a huge hit at Halloween, they aren’t as popular all year-round. Some believe this is due to vanity, as people perceive the poor black cat as ‘unphotogenic’. In fact, figures show that black cats are actually the least likely moggies to be adopted.

To show that raven-furred felines are paw-some all year round, and not just in the witchy, wintery months, here are some fun cat facts…

Feeling Lucky

Contrary to popular belief, black cats are known in various places for bringing good luck. For instance in Japan, if a black cat crosses your path and you say ‘Konichiwa’, meaning ‘good day’, then you will receive good luck.

Over in Scotland, if a black cat appears on your doorstep then it’s a sign of prosperity. Whereas in England, if you’re going to a wedding in the Midlands and you give a black cat as a gift, this will bring good luck to the bride.

Superstitious Pirates

In the 18th century, pirates had some unusual superstitions about black cats. For example, a black cat walking towards you was considered a bad omen, whereas the cat walking away from you was thought to be lucky. What’s more, pirates believed that if a black cat walked onto the ship, but then got back off, this meant that their ship would sink. What a bizarre theory!

Friendly Fishermen

Unlike pirates, fishermen saw black cats as lucky so they kept them in their homes and ships to ensure safe travel. In fact, in some places black cats became so highly valued by fishermen that many couldn’t afford to buy one and they were often stolen!


In Europe, during the Middle Ages, people associated black cats with witchcraft due to their ability to remain unseen in dark places and during the night. Poor elderly ladies that fed the stray cats were then labeled as witches! This is how the ‘witch’s familiar’ theory evolved and why black cats are now linked with Halloween.

A Rare Breed

Completely black cats are not actually that common. In fact, whilst there are 22 breeds of cat that a can be black, the Bombay is the only breed that is exclusively black. Most felines simply have dark patterns that are visible in certain lights.

Eye See You

Black cats have high levels of melanin pigment, meaning that almost all black cats have gorgeous, golden eyes – what a striking contrast!

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