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How to make sure your pets have a merry Christmas

How to make sure your pets have a merry Christmas

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without our fur babies, so making sure they are kept safe is our number one priority as responsible pet parents. Keep in mind our top tips to ensure that you and your pets have a fur-tastic Christmas…

Keep Christmas decorations out of reach

If you have any decorations that may be harmful, such as glass baubles, then make sure there’s no way your pet could get their paws on these! Tinsel is also one to avoid, as some pets may try to eat it and cause damage to their insides.

Instead, keep your pets entertained by treating them to one of our fantastic products from our brand new range. We have something for every pet, no matter how big or small.

Treat them with the right treats!

Hanging chocolate from the tree should be avoided. Human treats can be tempting for pets but they shouldn’t consume them. Instead take a look at our range of tasty treats to keep your pet satisfied.

Sweep up those pines!

Love a real Christmas tree? Keep on top of sweeping up these fallen needles! Pine needles could get stuck in your pet’s paws causing some discomfort.

Don’t let them eat that!

Just because you’re enjoying rich Christmas dinners and sweet treats doesn’t mean that you should share them with your pet. Some human food could cause your pet to become poorly, and no one wants to spend Christmas day in the veterinary clinic!

Remember we have a huge range of treats to keep your pets preoccupied this Christmas, so you can still treat your pets but with tasty treats that won’t harm them!

Keep alcohol off limits!

Every year there are numerous pets taken into the vets with poisoning from toxic food and drink such as alcohol and chocolate. Make sure that you keep any tipple away from your pets as even the smallest sip could make them ill.

Calm your pets

There’s bound to be some fireworks around this festive time, especially over New Year. So take on board our previous advice when it comes to fireworks and keep your pet comfortable and safe indoors.

Do you have any top safety tips for pets over Christmas? Join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter @RosewoodPet  

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