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Make sure you’re prepared for your rescue dog

Make sure you’re prepared for your rescue dog

Choosing to love a rescue dog can be a rewarding experience. Your dog may not have had the easiest time, but lots of love and affection will heal any scars your pup might have. So, if you’re thinking about adopting a pet, take a look at our tips for making them feel safe and secure from day one...

Make sure your home is safe

Remember, your home may be the first house that your new dog has been in for a while. They may be very timid when it comes to exploring, or they could be overly eager to roam around their new den. No matter what their personality, it’s important that you’ve pup-proofed your pad to make sure that any breakable objects are out of reach, and put away any household chemicals.

Bring them home to something comforting

Your new four-legged friend will need somewhere warm, dry and quiet to sleep. Make sure that your dog has a size-appropriate bed that they can snuggle into. Our Bone Plush Orthopedic Mattress is perfect for dogs of all ages, as it provides support for bones and joints. It’s perfect for your dog’s nap time!

Keep a calm environment

Although you will be very excited on the big day, you must ensure that you don’t over-excite your new family member. It’s important to be patient and provide your rescue dog with plenty of attention. It may take time for your new pooch to trust you, but once they do you will have an unbreakable bond.

Slowly introduce any fur-siblings

When introducing your new pet to its brother or sister make sure you allow them to meet on neutral territory. They may be wary of each other at first, but with a slow introduction and space to settle they’ll soon become adjusted.

Give them reason to explore

Let your dog explore their new home by leaving toys out for them to discover, this will help encourage them to interact. Our Super Tough Plush Snake is perfect for both cuddling and playtime. Remember that your dog may have habits that they’ve picked up as well as personality traits, so be patient with them. With love, patience and appropriate training, your new pet will fit into your life paw-fectly.

Fill up your dog’s bowl once they arrive

Once you arrive at home, give your new dog a bowl of food - this will make them feel welcome and secure. We have huge selection of feeding bowls that are non-slip and perfect for feeding time! Try and feed your rescue dog the same food that they were fed at the shelter, so that you don’t upset their stomach. Your vet can advise on which food to move onto next, depending on your dog’s dietary requirements.

Give them space

As with all dogs, it’s important that your pooch has a space to call their own - this is especially important for rescue dogs. Provide your new arrival with a crate, or a cosy bed, in a quiet place where they can retreat to when they need peace and quiet. If you opt for a crate, follow crate training guidelines if your dog isn’t already used to them. Covering part of it with a blanket could help make a nervous dog feel more secure.

Keep your dog stimulated

It’s important to encourage interaction with your new dog. Playtime will help to bring them out of their shell, especially if they’re nervous. Treat dispensing toys are a great way to encourage your dog to play, as they’ll be eager to get their paws on the goodies!

Familiarity is key

Your dog may have moved around alot and not had much stability in their life, so establishing a routine will give them comfort and security. For example, try walking them in the evenings to tire them out before bedtime, and make sure that you pick a lead and collar that is comfortable for your pet.

Visit your vet

Last, but not least, don’t forget the important things such as keeping on top of vet checks and ensuring that they are up to date with any injections or any ongoing treatment they need. Insurance is also vital when it comes to owning a dog, so ensure your pet is covered.

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