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Top New Products To Get Tails Wagging This Summer

Top New Products To Get Tails Wagging This Summer

At Rosewood we’re always looking to introduce new and exciting products for your pet to get their paws, claws and fins on, which is why we’re pleased to announce a brand new range of purr-fect toys, treats and accessories just in time for summer!

Dogs can’t resist our sizzling summer products

You and your pooch can now toast the summer with our brand new Pawsecco herbal infusion and Bottom Sniffer Beer - healthy, non-alcoholic and non-carbonated drinks for your furry friend. Paired with our new Magic Bone treats, which are completely rawhide-free and made with 50% real meat, your pup will be in heaven!

Our popular Leaps and Bounds range boasts three delicious new additions that your pet will love, including a Peanut Choc Woof Bar, Cheesy Bites and Fruity Log Bones.

Proven to be a big hit already, our new Cool Down Pool is perfect for keeping your dog cool and entertained on sunny days! Made from fortified plastic and MDF panels, the pool is resistant to pet claws and doesn’t need inflating, which makes it quick and easy to set up in the garden when the temperature rises.

We’ve also added to our Tough Toys range with our Tough Multi-Colour Rings (which come in two sizes) and our Tough Crunch Rugby Ball (available in three sizes). Each toy is made from tough rubber, meaning they’re perfect for chewers!

Cats won’t say no to our purr-fect products

Our new Anti-Slip Cat Bowl is designed so that your four-legged friend has a colourful, bright food bowl, with a pretty fish bone and heart shape cut out pattern. It’s also widened to create a more ergonomic eating space for your cat to eat and drink from.

Your cat will also love our new Catnip Sprinkles, which are purr-fect for sprinkling on top of toys during playtime. They have an irresistible aroma that brings out their natural feline instincts and comes in a handy resealable pouch for multiple uses.

We haven’t fur-got about your small animals!

Our brand new tasty treats range for small animals includes Simply Nibbles crunchy cushions which are delicious crispy treats made from cereals and hay with a choice of two fruity fillings - ‘tropical fruit’ or ‘garden herb and apple’.

We also have our unique I Love Hay Cubes, which are hay-coated cubes with heart shaped windows, so pets can get to the fragrant meadow hay and marigold flower filling. Available in two sizes, the cubes are perfect for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, degus, hamsters, mice and gerbils.

There’s nothing fishy about our new aqua range

New Nano Q Quiet Air Pumps are a new generation of air pump that are ultra-quiet and ultra-compact! The air pumps are available in two sizes, one for tanks up to 60 litres and the other up to 120 litres.

The new Rosewood Pet range is available in all major retailers and online at amazon.co.uk

Already enjoying our new range? Join us on social media @RosewoodPet and show us your pet pictures! 

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