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 How to be a howling success on Valentine’s

How to be a howling success on Valentine’s

Arguably more important than meeting the parents, the first time your new partner meets your dog can be a telling experience. After all, their opinion counts! Our first love is always our pooch, so make sure there’s puppy love between your pet and partner this Valentine’s Day with our top tips...

1. Your pet nose best

For pets, scent is everything! Dogs in particular experience the world through their noses, which is why it’s so important that your pet familiarises themselves with your partner's scent. We recommend taking home an item of your partner's clothing so your dog will recognise the scent when they finally meet. After your dog has had a smell, try rewarding them with a treat so that they associate it with a positive experience. Our Magic Bone bitesize treats are made from healthy ingredients that dogs love including chicken, beef and vegetables!

2. Prepare for the big day

It’s best to introduce your four-legged friend to your Valentine on neutral ground. We suggest going on a walk so your pet can become comfortable around your partner. If your pup allows it, your date should feel free to stroke your pet. However, if your furry friend is wary, don’t try and force anything - just like all relationships, theirs may take some time and it’s important not to rush things. Your partner could even bring your pet a treat or toy to woo them, our Multi-activity Squeak Switch Fox toy is the gift that keeps on giving due to the variety of textures and multiple ways your pup can play with it.

3. Don’t kiss on the first date

Before you and your pup go home, allow their potential new pet parent enough time to say goodbye. Let your date give your pet a treat and a stroke before you both depart and remember, don’t force any cuddles - it takes time to create a bond!

4. It’s all in the body language

Each time your pup meets your new partner, keep tabs on how your dog is feeling by watching their body language. We all know that a wagging tail means a happy hound, but there’s some other things to look out for too. For example, if your pup’s head is high and their mouth is open slightly, with the tongue exposed, then this is another sign that your pup is happy. Other signs of a content dog include a relaxed tail, loose stance and their ears being up and not forward.

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