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They did what?! Stop paw-ful pet antics

They did what?! Stop paw-ful pet antics

What do your pets really think of your BFF? We asked the UK’s pet parents what were the most mischievous acts their furry friends have committed, with one in six* respondents admitting to their pets being at their ‘naughtiest’ in front of guests.

Relieving themselves in a guest’s handbag or shoes topped the list for the worst, and most frequent, offence. Whilst 10% admitted that their pets had chewed and destroyed a guest’s belongings at least once - including a Mulberry handbag!

“Bags and shoes can be an irresistible target for young dogs to chew, especially if an individual feels bored and left out of what is happening. They soon learn this behaviour gets attention. Don’t leave temptation in your pet’s path and make sure your dog has plenty of toys available to reduce the risk of boredom.”

- David Alderton, Pet Behaviour Expert.

Others claimed that strangers were their pet’s biggest target, with one respondent stating: “My dog has cocked his leg on people when out walking. I think it's territorial as he only does it if a stranger with their dog stops to chat.”

Cats also came under fire when it came to territorial acts, with one cat owner stating that their pet “urinated on my sister's coat when she visited and also once sprayed up my hubby’s leg when he was asleep on the settee.”

“We often forget how important scent is as a communication tool for our pets. Rather than getting the mop out and wiping the floor, or putting smelly clothes in the washing machine, they simply spray the affected area to mask what to them is an offending smell!”

- David Alderton, Pet Behaviour Expert.

A pet’s behaviour can vary based on their environment - even the most well behaved pet can act differently should they experience a huge change in their daily routine. Eliminating boredom is key in ensuring your pet is on their best behaviour when you have guests and if you have any specific rules for your pets, such as staying off the sofa, make sure your visitors are aware so they can help enforce that rule.

For dogs, our new Jolly Doggy Play + Multi Activity Raccoon and Fox toys are made from a variety of textures for multiple uses. Plus, they come with a squeak switch, allowing owners to mute the toy’s squeaker by simply turning the tail. For younger dogs, our new BioSafe Puppy Treat Ball and Dumbell treat dispensing products are ideal for training puppies early on. Available in pink and blue, these germ-smart toys are BioCote protected, making them more hygienic for your pet and family. BioCote works by preventing the growth and survival of bacteria, mould and fungi.

Last, but not least, bored house cats can get themselves into mischief around new faces, so keep them entertained with our selection of cat scratchers and climbers. Our Bay scratcher in particular is a catnip-infused haven for active kitties, as it’s spread across four levels with plenty of jute rope scratching stations and a feather teaser. What’s more, its modern style will blend seamlessly with your decor!

*Survey of 1,376 pet parents by Rosewood Pet Products, October 2017

**David Alderton MA (Cantab.) is a broadcaster and writer on pets and their behaviour, whose books have sold nearly seven million copies in over 30 languages worldwide. 

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