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Perfect picks for your pet’s personality

Perfect picks for your pet’s personality

Picking the perfect product for your pet can be a challenge, as no two pets are the same. Our four-legged family members have their own personalities and their own preferences when it comes to toys and treats. So how do we know we’ve picked the right toys? We surveyed the nation's pet parents and discovered the top four pet personalities, for which we’ve selected the perfect products to keep their tails wagging and vocals purring…

Dealing with a Diva

One in four pet parents admitted to living with a diva! You might find that your cat turns its nose up at the latest catnip, or your dog won’t fetch its newest toy. For divas, we recommend trying to please their A-list demands with a tasty treat like Pawsecco - available in White and Rose (non-alcoholic of course), it’s the paw-fect treat for fussy felines and diva doggos alike. This healthy, herbal-infused drink is a refreshing summertime treat packed full of vitamins and minerals.

Master Mischief Maker

Do you have a mischief maker on your hands? Well, you’re not alone! 25% of pet owners said that the best way to describe their pet is ‘mischievous’. For mischievous mutts our Jolly Doggy Play + Tough Multi Texture Flamingo (available in two sizes) is ideal for providing hours of fun thanks to being made up of a variety of different textures to keep your pup out of trouble. Its soft plush body is wrapped in a rubber shell, making it perfect for chewing, and its long rope legs are ideal for tug of war!

For mischievous moggies, our catnip infused Catwalk Collection Natural Caraway Scratcher will keep this playful menace at bay, thanks to its three seagrass covered posts and seagrass teaser.

Easily Excited

With 13% of pet owners describing their pet is an excitable character, we’ve picked out our top treats to please your energetic four-legged friend. For dogs with plenty of energy, our squeaky Plubber Stickz are a safe alternative to real sticks, allowing you to play fetch for as long as your doggo wants - perfect for summer nights in the park!

To engage an excitable cat, we suggest trying our Yeoww range - filled with nothing but 100% organically grown American catnip, they’re ideal for playing and teasing your kitty until they eventually tire themselves out.

Social Butterfly

One in ten described their pet as the life of the party! But for pets who don’t do ‘alone time’, it can take a lot of playdates to keep them happy. Thanks to playtime in the park with other pooches, you may find that your pup often gets themselves into muddy situations - cue our Tropiclean range. Our Aloe Moist Shampoo is made from a naturally mild cleanser to help prevent skin dryness and irritation, ensuring your pooch is ready for their next social outing.

If your feline’s feeling sociable, then you should treat them with our Silvervine Stuffed Animal. It’s a large, fun toy enhanced with silvervine to induce a very playful reaction in cats - purr-fect for encouraging play with your cat and their friends!

What’s your pet’s favourite toy? Don’t fur-get to share your pet pics with us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook @RosewoodPet! 

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