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5 essential pet care tips for colder weather

5 essential pet care tips for colder weather

As the dark nights are drawing in, now the clocks have turned back, it can be challenging to stick to your routine of regular walks with your pet but it’s important to exercise your dog for optimal physical and mental well-being.

Here are our tops tips for easing your furry friend into a safe, healthy and warm winter:

Wear reflective clothing

With less daylight hours to walk your pooch, our first tip is to make sure they are kitted out in the right reflective gear. Our Reflective Range includes Night Bright Jackets, Flashing Collars and Safety Blinker Lights, making sure your dog will be visible to potential dangers such as cars and other dog-walkers.

Our Catch & Flash Ball and Glow in the Dark Ball are both great for outdoor playtime in low light conditions! 

Watch where your pets walk

If you spot any slugs or snails when you're out and about, make sure you're extra vigilant. If ingested, it can result in lungworm; a type of parasitic worm which affects dogs and can lead to serious health problems.

Dry off properly

Let’s face it, we’ve all been guilty of occasionally not drying off our dogs properly when returning from a winter walk, instead allowing them to evaporate their Eau De Wet Dog by the fire or in their beds. However this can actually lead to hypothermia and the spread of bacteria in your home. Our super absorbent microfibre pet towel is perfect for drying your pet after being outdoors on a wet day.

Our range of Tropiclean shampoos are perfect for cleaning muddy pups and keeping your pooches clean and fresh in between baths. Try our Waterless Shampoo, which is available in two formulas - hypoallergenic and deep cleaning.

The same applies for our fast footed feline friends too - dry their fur when they return home with a warm towel to keep them cosy! We’d always advise to check paws for rock salt, which can be toxic to our feline friends.

Keep warm but safe

Some dogs will feel the cold more than others, so if your pooch is elderly, very young or short-coated, you may need to adjust the time they are outdoors for in the colder months.

Cats love curling up by the fireplace, make sure you screen off open fireplaces and always supervise your cat if you have a lit fire to avoid scorched fur.

Keep cats warm and cosy during the colder months in our Charcoal Felt Cat Stool

Feed more

Some cats and dogs may need extra calories in winter to support the extra energy they require to fight the cold, so stock up with some tasty treats such as our Natural Eats and Daily Eats which contain nutritious benefits and are packed full of healthy ingredients.

Happy walking! Share pictures from your walks with us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram @RosewoodPet, we’d love to see what you’re getting up to. 

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