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Cu-pet ways your furry friend shows they love you

Cu-pet ways your furry friend shows they love you

It’s the month of love, and many pet parents will admit their fur-baby is the true love of their life! But there are lots of weird and wonderful ways our pets show they love us too.

They call it Puppy Love

Whether it’s cute tail wagging and sloppy kisses, jumping on you or even leaning and shoving against you, your canine companion will show how much you mean to them in various ways.

If your pooch curls up next to you to drift off, take it as a compliment - it means they trust you completely. However, co-sleeping with your dog is a no-no for some, so create a cosy sleeping environment for them to help you both get a good night sleep. Take a look at our new Premium Bedding; an extension of the 40 Winks bedding collection which includes the Designer Water Resistant Pet Bed and Padded Mattresses.

Does your pup ever bring you their favourite toy? It may be wet, slobbery and falling apart but it’s a sign you are well loved and they want to play with you! Our Biosafe toys are paw-fect for more hygienic play!

Smitten Kittens

Cats may show their affection in more subtle ways than dogs, but purring, scratching, rolling around or sleeping on your lap are all signs your kitty loves you.

When it comes to showing your cat how much you love and care for them, why not treat them to a little pam-purring? Keep their coats in paw-fect condition with our ergonomic grooming tools, such as the Grooming Cat Brush.

Treats are also a wonderful way to spoil your cat, and our Daily Eats Cat Cushions are ideal for fussy eaters as they are crunchy on the outside, with a creamy filling on the inside. What’s more, every cat cushion contains added vitamins and taurine for healthy eyes and heart.

Some Bunny Loves You

It may be harder for smaller animals to show they love us, but at Rosewood we know rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters have big personalities! Licks and nibbles, running around your feet in circles, nose-nudging and flopping on their sides with their bellies exposed are all adorable ways your little furry friend will show how much you mean to them!

If you have a small animal you want to treat on Love Your Pet Day (20th Feb), our Apple and Pansy Nibble Hearts are the perfect, healthy treat, as they are grain-free and made only from natural ingredients.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day and Love Your Pet Day, share your cu-pet pics on our social channels @RosewoodPet

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