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Top tips for a comfortable car journey with your pet

Top tips for a comfortable car journey with your pet

Summer is approaching, and if you’re about to set tails wagging by setting off on a pet-friendly holiday, it’s important to take the right measures to keep them safe and happy throughout the car journey.

Here are our top tips to consider when travelling with your furry friend:

Make sure they’re properly restrained

For everybody’s safety, it’s important that your pet is either secured with a pet seatbelt or in a carrier. Having your pet loose in the car could distract you from your driving, or result in your pet getting in the way of the steering wheel. The Highway Code states that drivers could be pulled over for driving without due care and attention by having a dog unrestrained. Our Dog Car Guard is suitable for most cars and has additional security straps. Alternatively, our Bracco Travel Carriers are a great way to safely transport your pet and are designed to fit in most cars.

Let their food digest

To help prevent travel sickness, try to feed your pet a few hours before you set off, or feed them when you arrive at your destination. Travel sickness tends to be more commonly seen in puppies and younger dogs, however, this doesn’t mean older dogs won’t experience symptoms. This can include vomiting, panting, restlessness, whining and yawning.

Take a break

If you’re going on a long car journey, allow time to make a couple of stops along the way so that your canine companion is able to have a drink, stretch their legs and go to the toilet. Our Portable Leaf Travel Bottle is a great on-the-go drinking dispenser, perfect to take on road trips!

Keep them cool

Ensure your air conditioning is working properly before you set off on your journey. Dogs can overheat quickly as they cannot sweat like humans can; and in a warm car with a thick coat, they are susceptible to heatstroke. Keep an eye on their temperature throughout the car ride, and either open the window slightly or make sure the air conditioning is on to keep them at a comfortable temperature. Our Chillax Cool Pad is ideal for travel to keep pets cool; activated by the weight of your pooch, the pad will stay cool for up to three to four hours of constant use. Our Cooling Accessories range also includes our Chillax Cool Soak Bone and Chillax Cool Soak Ball which are ideal to keep pets comfortable during your journey. Simply fill the toy with water and freeze overnight.

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