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12 Tips for Happy Pets at Christmas

12 Tips for Happy Pets at Christmas

The festive season is upon us, but the change in routine can be unsettling for pets, so we’ve put together our top tips for enjoying a stress-free Christmas with our beloved furries.

 1. Pet Proof your Christmas Tree

To avoid any tree-tumbling accidents, it’s best to only allow pets around the Christmas tree when they can be supervised. Regularly vacuum to prevent needles getting ingested or stuck in your pet’s paws. Decorations can be another danger for pets if they are accidentally chewed or broken - another reason not to leave pets unattended around the tree

2. Fairy Lights

Pooches, kitties and small furries can be attracted to twinkly lights, so use a cable protector that they can’t chew through, or get themselves tangled in. It’s also worth considering that some flashing lights can be intimidating for more sensitive pets, so you may want to opt for non-flashing lights

3. Tempting Treats

Tis’ the season to indulge, but overeating for pets can be harmful. Stick to a routine with a healthy, nutritious diet and don’t be tempted to feed leftover Christmas dinner to furry friends. To avoid overfeeding, check out our new Smart Slow Feeder which is perfect for portion control and slowing down the speed of eating. If you don’t want your furries to miss out on the fun, our Cupid & Comet range has some delicious and healthy festive treats purfect for our pampered pooches and fussy felines

4. Avoid Poisonous Plants

Poinsettias, holly and mistletoe may look pretty, but they are poisonous to our four legged friends, so keep festive plants well out of their reach. To be extra safe, stick to artificial plants

5. Winter Walks

Regular fresh air and exercise will benefit your pet and help them stick to a routine during the festivities. Wrap your pooch up in a warm winter jacket for winter walks, and add one of our silicon collar lights (available in large and small) if you’re out walking during the dark

6. Beware of the Antifreeze

On the subject of outdoors, antifreeze can be a hazard during frosty conditions. The smell is very appealing for pets but it is hugely toxic to our furries so be careful not to cause any spillages, and be vigilant for any signs of poisoning which includes vomiting and seizures

7. Equip Pets for Winter Chills

If your pet lives outdoors, regularly ensure their hutch is warm and dry and in a sheltered position during the festive period. If you do want to bring them inside to join in the fun be cautious of the temperature change so choose the coolest room and don’t keep them indoors for the whole day. Given them extra bedding and be sure to keep it as dry and clean as possible.

8. Create a Safe Space

Busier homes at Christmas filled with unfamiliar faces and loud noises can be unsettling for pets so ensure they have a quiet space of their own where they can retreat too and feel safe and content. Let them curl up in their cosy bed with their favourite toy and a snuggly blanket.

9. Wrapping Paper Watch

It’s not only us humans that are tempted to see what’s inside the beautifully wrapped presents sitting under the tree, so it’s best not to leave pets alone with gifts! Wrapping paper can also contain chemicals which are dangerous to our furries, so if you do want to wrap their presents make sure they don’t get too excited and eat it.

10. Firework Phobia

Loud fireworks during New Year’s Eve celebrations can be distressing, so close the curtains and put the TV or radio on to drown out the noise once the celebrations start. Party poppers, crackers and popping champagne corks can also frighten pets who are sensitive to noise

11. Santa Paws

Make some-pawdies Christmas with a visit from Santa Paws! If you are still looking for gift inspiration, check out Rosewood’s Cupid and Comet range of toys, accessories and treats

12. Driving Home for Christmas

If you have a long journey with your pet, make sure you are well prepared. Our Bracco Travel Carriers come in six different sizes, and also double up as a cosy bed if you are staying with relatives over the festive period. We’ve also recently introduced the Super Soft Quilted Car Seat Cover, which is designed for long car journeys and water-resistant. It includes a mesh panel which creates a viewing window for your dog to alleviate separation anxiety whilst travelling.

Share your Christmas pet top tips on our social channels @rosewoodpet.

From everyone at Rosewood, have a Meowy Christmas and a Hoppy New Year! 

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