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Welcoming a new pet into your home

Welcoming a new pet into your home

Whether you’re a first time pet-parent, or expanding your furry family, there’s a lot to consider when welcoming a new pet into your home. It can be quite overwhelming! Fur-tunatley we’ve shared some of our top tips to make sure you’re well prepared for the new arrival.

Travelling Home

If you are collecting your pet, the first step is making sure they have a comfortable journey to their new abode. Use a comfortable Bracco Travel Carrier for a stress-free trip, and wrapping them in a warm blanket will help them to feel safe and secure.

Peace and Quiet

You’re bound to be super excited about bringing your new bundle of fur home, but be careful not to over-excite your latest family member. Too much stimulation could make your puppy or kitty nervous, so keep guests and noise to a minimum and let them settle into their new surroundings in their own time.

Sweet Dreams

One of the first things to consider is where your new companion will sleep. Make sure your fur baby has a snuggly, cosy bed. Our 40 Winks Bedding comes in different sizes and stylish designs that will blend with your home decor.

The Two Door Dog/Puppy Home is a paw-fect solution for pooches whilst they are still training and unfamiliar with their new home.

When it comes to feline friends; make sure your cat can stretch out comfortably, but bear in mind they feel more secure in cosy, small spaces. The Cosy Cat Cave is the purr-fect cat hideaway and can be turned into a flatter, oval shaped bed if the cat cave entrance is pulled down.

Not forgetting our small furries, our Snuggles bedding offers a five star snooze at camp bed prices.

Puppy Pads to the Rescue!

Accidents happen, which is why puppy pads will be a staple must-have during the early days! They’re an essential product when it comes to house training your new pup, as they’re super absorbent and lock in moisture to protect your flooring. Reward your pup each time they use the pads, then gradually encourage your pet to go outside when nature calls.

Feeding Time

Give your new dog a small bowl of food as soon as they arrive home, this will make them feel welcome and secure. It’s important to make sure that you’re feeding them the right sized portion. The Smart Slow Feeder is a lifesaver when it comes to portion control - it really is as simple as pouring your dog’s food into a bowl! It not only digitally weighs the food but encourages slower eating habits.

We have an extensive range of feeders and dishes for kitties too - from stainless steel and deluxe melamine bowls, to a range of food dispensers.


When the time is right to take your new doggie outside (if they’re a puppy they’ll need to be up to date with their vaccinations), consider whether you may need a harness or head halter to prevent them pulling. Browse our professionally inspired Coastal range of training products to help get you started on the right paw!


Finally, help your new friend settle into their home by chew-sing some fun toys - playtime is also an important bonding experience!

For doggies, chew toys are great for playtime fun, but they should be appropriately sized for your breed of dog. The Rosewood toy range is dog-approved for pooches and we have something to suit all ages, breeds and sizes. Our Little Nippers range is paw-fect for pups and smaller dogs who need that extra care and attention. And for hygienic play, check out our Biosafe range.

Worried about your precious puss scratching your furniture? Invest in a cat scratcher - they provide hours or fun and help to keep pesky paws off your sofa!

And not forgetting our small animal friends, we have plenty of activity toys to help them settle into their new home, such as our popular Boredom Breaker range.

Do you have any top tips for caring for a new pet? Share on our social channels @rosewoodpet.

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