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Keeping pets happy and healthy during isolation

Keeping pets happy and healthy during isolation

The majority of the UK has had to adapt their lifestyles and daily routines in recent weeks - which means our beloved pets have too.

At Rosewood, our four-legged friends are very much part of the family, and we want to make sure they all stay happy, healthy and entertained during this challenging period.

We’ve shared some tips and ideas for exciting, fun things you and your pet can enjoy within the comfort of your own home (and garden!).

Indoor games

With less time spent exploring the great outdoors, indoor games can be a paw-some way to make sure your pet stays mentally stimulated, and not to mention keep boredom at bay!

Our Nina Ottosson range of puzzles and toys exercise your doggo’s mind and body, and they’re a great op-paw-tunity to bond with them too!

Our feline friends, who are used to their own space, may find it a little unsettling having a busier home with their humans around during the day. Provide hours of entertainment with our range of cat-scratchers, which include catnip to entice play; plus, help to keep paws away from your furniture!

The ideal time to start training

With more time on your hands, you might be thinking about training your pooch or increasing their level of training. Training provides mental stimulation to keep your dog happy and it enhances the relationship between both of you. It also helps your pet understand what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour. We offer a core range and highly effective professionally inspired training products which will help to get you started, including clickers, treat bags and silent whistles.

Build an obstacle course in your garden

We might not be able to take our pets on as many rural rambles over the coming weeks, but the weather is getting warmer, which means more sunny days in the garden with our pets.

Dog agility is growing in popularity and provides hours of fun for you and your pooch, whilst keeping them fit and active. We have a range of agility products, including Small Agility for petite dogs and pups.


Being at home more often may mean you find hungry pups and kitties hanging around at your feet more than usual.

Why not create a treat trail that your furry friend can follow? Hide some treats around your house where you know your pet is going to find them.

Our range of tempting treats for dogs and cats includes Natural Eats range made with 100% meat, and our Daily Eats Training Treats are the perfect size for training.

Hygienic play

Finally, our Germ-Smart BioSafe toys are more hygienic products for your pet and your family. They use BioCote, an antimicrobial technology, to keep them fresher for longer, whilst massaging gums and reducing plaque and tartar build up.

We might all be feeling more anxious but we think it’s the perfect time to remember how much joy our furry friends bring to our lives as well as a great opportunity to show them extra love and attention.

How are you keeping your pets entertained during isolation? Share on our social channels @rosewoodpet.

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