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Looking after your pet’s health through diet and exercise during the colder months

Looking after your pet’s health through diet and exercise during the colder months

Making the right diet and exercise choices is equally important for our furry friends as it is for us. With National Pet Obesity Awareness Day coming up this month, we’ve gathered our tips and advice for looking after your pets wellbeing.

Slow down hungry pups

When it comes to our dogs, they usually attempt to eat all the food put in front of them, making their eating habits hard to maintain. However, there’s a few ways of slowing down your hungry pup:

Consider introducing a Slow Feeder which will discourage your pooch from eating too quickly.

We’d also recommend giving them fewer treats, but when it comes to training, opt for a healthier option such as Natural Eats Superfoods, which are packed with healthy superfoods, with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Keeping track of kittie’s weight

Most moggies are happy to sleep all day, making maintaining a healthy weight quite difficult - especially if they’re an indoor cat. All cat food packets will give you advice on portion size, based on your cat's age and weight, but how many of us check and follow this, especially when feeding dried food? Regular weigh-ins with the vet will help you keep track of their weight.

You can also try out healthier treats like our Natural Eats, these are low in fat and made from meat, making them better than more processed options.

Support your rabbit’s and rodent’s digestive and dental health

Most of our smaller furries need a relatively specialist diet to fully support their overall health. We’d recommend feeding your rabbit or guinea pig a range of grasses and plants to support their digestive and dental health and our delicious Meadow Menu is a good way to support this.

Hay should still make up most of your rabbit, chinchilla or guinea pig’s diet (between 70% and 90%) especially as our small pets love to gnaw and chew, which will keep their teeth clean and healthy.

Help four-legged friends burn energy through exercise

It’s also really important to ensure our pets get regular exercise to keep their health in check.

It’s common knowledge that most pups are happy with a walk twice a day - just make sure your pooch’s burnt-off energy matches their calorie intake, which goes hand in hand with controlling their diet.

Our four-legged companions are also known to love a game of fetch or frisbee, theJolly Doggy Catch & Flash Ball is great for this and will keep them active as we head into the colder, darker months.

But for those extra cold days, we’d recommend trying the Nina Ottosson Dog Smart Puzzle Feeder - a fun challenge toy that encourages your pooch to discover treats through problem solving, which will keep them occupied inside.

When it comes to our cats, we’d recommend investing in a Cat Scratcher and Teaser Toys to encourage those natural instincts to play and pounce. This will give them a helping hand in burning off that extra energy too!

Reduce boredom for small animals

Our beloved small pets sometimes don’t get as much interaction with us as other pets might. Exercise wheels and toys that offer the opportunity for pets to explore are ideal for smaller rodents, but our Forage Mats or Boredom Breakers are ideal for guinea pigs and rabbits.

You can also try hiding treats around your small pets enclosure, to encourage them to forage for their treats.

For further advice and top tips, keep an eye on our blog page and follow our social media channels @RosewoodPet.

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