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Celebrating Easter With Our Furry Friends

Celebrating Easter With Our Furry Friends

With Easter just around the corner, there’s plenty of ways we can celebrate alongside our four-legged friends and involve them in all the fun!

Pet friendly sweet treats

As most of our Easter treats and traditions can be unsafe for our pets, there’s tasty alternatives that means they don’t have to miss out.

Our dog friendly Easter egg is made from carob - the dog friendly alternative to chocolate, with our cat friendly Easter egg made using yoghurt and catnip. These pet friendly eggs are ideal for a treat or reward and are cocoa, wheat and gluten free making them perfect for pets with sensitive tummies.

When it comes to our smaller pets, treating them to some herb-rich treats is a great way to incorporate an Easter treat into their diet. Our Willow Treat Basket is filled with lots of different treats including a herb-filled treat bale.

Create your own pet-safe Easter egg hunt

Your pet’s favourite treats are another great alternative, and what other fun way to include your pet pal than an easter egg hunt! Hiding treats around the house (or fenced area for your smaller pets) is a great way to encourage fun, mental stimulation and is also a great bonding exercise.

Once you’ve hidden your pet’s favourite toys and treats, encourage them to search and praise them as they find each hidden item!

Your Easter hunt doesn’t always have to be treat based - try hiding your pet’s favourite toys for a scent-based scavenger hunt! Our multi-texture Laughy Lamb toy is a great addition to their toy box, and has a pocket for hidden treats.

Keep chocolate out of paws’ reach

Unfortunately, chocolate and sultanas are extremely toxic to our pets - so to protect them, it’s really important to keep the likes of Easter eggs and hot cross buns out of reach - as even a small amount can be poisonous.

Easter is a family time, so make sure to teach your loved ones and children not to feed your pet a chocolatey treat - no matter how tempting it can be!

Canine springtime meetups

As the warmer spring weather arrives, and with a long Bank Holiday Easter weekend, it’s the perfect time to get out and about with your four-legged pals. Organising a playdate is a great way to boost your pup’s mood and means they can get plenty of exercise alongside their easter treats.

Our Multi-Function Nylon Dog Lead is adjustable and hands-free, meaning your dog can socialise with their pet-pals whilst staying safe. On those days with a cold snap, our Joules Mustard Raincoat is a great addition to your walkies - and will protect them from the likes of ticks too.

Got some tips for involving your pet this Easter? Get in touch! Share your ideas on our social channels @rosewoodpet. 

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