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A guide to styling your Morris & Co. Pet bed

A guide to styling your Morris & Co. Pet bed

Our Morris and Co. collection seamlessly combines both comfort and enduring design, offering a pet bed that's not just snug, but also a fashionable enhancement for your living space. We know that when it comes to our beloved pets, there's no room for compromise, with our collaboration with Morris & Co., you won't have to sacrifice style for your four-legged friend. The collection brings you a range of pet bedding in 4 different iconic William Morris prints, a pet bed never looked so good!

Recognizing that incorporating a vibrant print into your home decor can be a bit intimidating, we've reached out to Stylist Emma from Sanderson Design Group and Home Influencer Janes Home Journal for their expert insights on how to tastefully integrate these iconic designs into various home settings and styles.

Stylist Emma at Sanderson shares insights on introducing a printed bed into your home and choosing prints suitable for both minimalist and maximalist spaces: "We've noticed that people are deeply considering how to make their pets feel extra comfy at home while retaining the essential character of their rooms. At Morris & Co., we wanted to make a pet bed you can be proud of, one that integrates seamlessly into your home with a design that has lasting appeal. There's a lovely variety of prints on show, so I really think there's a design to suit every home! Willow Boughs, with its restrained palette and the soothing rhythm of its pattern, would perfectly suit a more contemporary, minimalist home space. A pattern like Strawberry Thief, on the other hand, is a maximalist opportunity in the making. Filled with rich, traditional color stories, Strawberry Thief is a perfect color carrier for busier rooms. As an added advantage, patterns like Strawberry Thief and Blackthorn mask the stains caused by mucky pups!"

Influencer Jane's Home Journal, tells us how she styles our Strawberry Thief Sofa Bed in her cozy cottage home: "I go to great efforts to source the perfect furnishings for my home, so I was adamant this wouldn't be let down by an uninspiring, run-of-the-mill dog bed. Living in a country cottage, I draw inspiration from nature, filling my rooms with leafy patterns and the colours of the outdoors – verdant greens, sky blues, and pops of floral yellows. The Strawberry Thief sofa bed ties my whole scheme together while providing the perfect place for my whippet, Joey, to take a nap (something he's been doing a lot more of lately!). It's a tough call to say who's more thrilled with the latest addition to our home."

Stylist Emma says, "a beautiful pattern is simply unforgettable. Not only do they create moments of visual interest in rooms, they also help unite the experience of interiors together, connecting spaces to the people who live there. Placed correctly, a print can also bring balance and poise. Pairing off with other pattern-rich features, like a sofa or curtain, helps to give continuity throughout the room. That's why we're really proud of these Morris & Co. pet beds – they're really considered objects, making them accessories that'll tie your scheme together."

"There's no 'one-size-fits-all' scheme here. It's all about understanding your space's existing scheme, and the prints that would coordinate well. One tip I'd always recommend is to imagine your pet bed as a cushion, and decorate much like you would with a sofa. With a beautiful print, your pet's bed can be a delightful accessory, just like any other piece!"

We'd love to see how you've styled your Morris & Co. pet bed; tag us on Instagram @rosewoodpet or use the hashtag #MorrisandcobyRosewood.

To explore the collection please visit: https://williammorrisbyrosewood.myshopify.com/?pp=...

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