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Brits share baths, toothbrushes and ice creams with their pets

Almost half of the nation’s pet lovers let their pet lick the dishes, one in ten share a hairbrush with their pet and three percent confess to sharing a toothbrush, according to a survey by Rosewood Pet Products*.

The pet brand set out to discover which boundaries pet owners are willing to cross for their four-legged friends and it’s clear that there’s very little they won’t do, with some even happy to share a bath or an ice-cream.

When it comes to man’s best friend, 25% say their dogs will eat poo and sick, 20% have caught them eating food out of the bin and 7% drink from the toilet. Despite this, 80% would still let their dog lick their face. And it’s not just dogs…

33% of cat owners say that their pet brings other animals into the home (dead and alive), yet 14% will drink out of the same cup as their feline friends and one third will kiss their cat on the lips.

Despite these nasty eating habits, one third of pet owners admitted to never cleaning their pet’s teeth. 60% also said that they don’t wash their pets’ toys regularly and 20% don’t wash them at all.

What’s more, almost one half of parents say their children pick up their pet’s toys and 7% of those children also put the toys in their mouths. The advice from Rosewood is to regularly clean your pet’s teeth and toys to prevent illness and disease.

Beverley Panter, Director at Rosewood Pet Products, commented: “It has been widely publicised that pets can help to build a child’s immunity and this may be why some choose to take a more relaxed approach than others when it comes to germs. With so much conflicting advice, it can be hard for parents to know what’s best, but it’s important to remember that whilst there are some germs that aren’t particularly harmful, there are others that are.

“Pet owners will often tell you that non-pet owners simply don’t understand the bond between pet and parent. As pet owners ourselves, at Rosewood we understand that love has no boundaries, but the findings do suggest that the line between good and bad habits can become blurred.”

Advice from Rosewood Pet Products

It would be impossible to shield yourself from every germ you come into contact with, but cleaning your pet’s teeth regularly will help. You don’t even have to use a toothbrush – Rosewood’s Tropiclean Fresh Breath Gel Kit will remove built up plaque and tartar with a simple dab of gel.

Cleaning your pet’s toys will also protect your pet and family from harmful germs, as will choosing toys that are more hygienic - our BioSafe Germ Smart range, for example, uses BioCote technology to prevent the growth of bacteria.

*Survey of 1352 pet owners conducted by Rosewood Pet Products in January 2016


For further information, please email: pr@rosewoodpet.com

Notes to Editors

Founded over 55 years ago, Rosewood Pet Products design, source, produce and distribute products, food and accessories for pets and wild birds. Based in Shropshire, its products are sold throughout the world, primarily in pet shops and other specialty stores. It also supplies ranges for a number of major retailers, online retailers and grocery stores.

Environmentally and ethically conscious, Rosewood’s commitment to providing quality and value to ‘Pet Parents’ of dogs, cats, small furry animals, wild birds and aquatics, has given it a reputation for excellence. With a genuine love of animals and concern for their health and happiness, the company attributes much of its success to customer service, product innovation and true passion.

For more information, please visit rosewoodpet.com contact Rosewood on 01952 883408 / enquiries@rosewoodpet.com or follow @rosewoodpet for the latest news and updates

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