Leaps & Bounds

Introducing our Leaps & Bounds cat treats - a range of proven best sellers that owners love to buy and cats just love to eat!

We all know what fussy eater’s cats can be but they are sure to love our Leaps and Bounds treats. The range features:-

Crunchy Cushions available in 3 flavours – Salmon, Chicken and Cheese

Crunchy on the outside with a delicious creamy filling on the inside

Made with real salmon, chicken and cheese

With taurine for healthy eyes and heart

Vitamin enriched with Vitamin A and D3 to help boost cat’s immune system and for strong and healthy bones

We know these products sell especially if priced competitively

Meaty Snack Sticks in 2 flavours – Salmon & Trout and Chicken & Liver

Made with real salmon, trout, chicken & liver

Easy to serve. Each stick is packaged in its own tearaway section

Each stick can also be easily broken up or cut for multiple treating

All products come in a colour shelf ready tray.

All of the factories we use have ISO22000 Food Safety Management certification.

All of the factories we use are BRC approved. This is the world’s leading safety and quality certification programme, used in 123 countries.