Naturals Meadow Menu Main Diets

In 2006 our Naturals brand of small animal treats broke the mould: finally owners could offer their pets healthier, more stimulating and better quality treats. In 9 years the range has grown to have a large and loyal following.

But we kept being asked “why only treats, what about a Naturals range of main diets?”. Quite simply we only wanted to put the ‘Naturals’ name to a great quality food that offered retailers and pet owners something different and better…

...and with our new Meadow Menu foods we believe we have!

Experts and owners are increasingly concerned about obesity and poor digestive and dental health in rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and degus. The best and simplest way to address all these concerns is by improving a pet’s diet. Our three Meadow Menu diets:

  • use over 40 natural and grain free ingredients design to promote good digestive and overall health
  • are blended in to Quad-shaped pellets, loaded with fibre-rich grasses, which are design to wear growing teeth and stop selective feeding
  • contain no added sugar or sugar-rich ingredients
  • are cold-pressed to retain more of their nutrients and encourage the pet’s digestive system to work as it was designed to!

Why Grain free?

Most manufactured foods for fibrevores contain large amounts of processed cereal grains and very few other ingredients. Why? Because grains are cheap and rich sources of energy, but also because to create extruded foods you need starch to ‘glue’ the ingredients together. The heat used also pre-processes the nutrients so they are easier to digest and more of the energy is absorbed by the animal - sounds good, but it’s not. Put simply our small animals’ digestive systems have also evolved to ‘work’ at extracting nutrients from unprocessed, low energy, fibre rich food like meadow plants and grasses slowly throughout the day. Feeding energy rich, easily digestibly food to fibrevores is the equivalent of putting aviation fuel into a diesel tractor!

As pets get their energy too easily and quickly from grain based diets, so they often eat less essential hay which can also result in digestive issues. And if excess starch, sugar and protein is not completely digested in the small intestine it can cause serious short and long terms issues for the rest of their digestive system. Grain-based diets also don’t provide the same vital teeth-wearing abrasion that hay and grass based diets do which can lead to potential dental issues.

Finally, by leaving cheap grain out we can pack more of the good stuff in. This is important as different plants contain different macro and micro nutrients. These included beneficial phytochemicals (natural chemical compounds found only in plants) including a wide variety of flavonoids, antioxidants and vitamins. So by using over 40 different meadow plants, grasses, vegetables and seeds pets are provided with a wider variety of these important nutrients.