Our Abode for dwarf hamsters and mice is a high quality, plastic home with narrow, powder-coated bars in the roof for ventilation making it completely escape proof and even suitable as a breeding cage. It's stylishly appointed with a solid exercise wheel, food dish, sleeping area (which could also be used for sand baths) and our easy to use 'drop in' water bottle. The smooth, solid base is deep enough for an extra deep layer of litter for burrowing. 

In addition to our 'classic' blue and orange we have two new colours: a stunning silver with translucent blue accessories and a hot, 80's inspired (and now back on trend) vision in pink, green and orange. All three are presented in eye-catching and informative full colour boxes. 

Dimensions: 55 x 39 x 26.5cm

Abode Gerbilarium

The gerbil version of our Abode has all the features and benefits of the dwarf hamster Abode, minus the wheel, but with a much deeper base, chew-proof metal ladders and an all metal wire roof hatch.

Gerbils love to dig and burrow tunnels and our clear base is fantastic for filling with litter to allow them to fulfill this need. The smooth curves of the design don't just look stylish - they also make the home as gnaw proof as possible.

When it comes to cleaning the cage it's really easy as the top holds all the mezzanines and accessories so everything is held in one place when you remove it to clean the base. This larger home is also ideal for dwarf hamsters and mice, but not Syrian hamsters. The contemporary solid and translucent colours make the home appealing to all sexes and ages.

Size: 53cm x 39cm x 42cm