Rosewood is delighted to announce the launch of our very own range of dog and cat treats across 6 exclusive Rosewood brands! The range consists of 37 products (29 dog and 8 cat) and includes the following…..

Our Natural Nosh Dog and Cat Treats are made using the finest cuts of 100% meat. For example our chicken and duck fillets are made from pure breast meat.

At Rosewood we believe in healthy and responsible pet treating. Our Natural Nosh+ range for dogs has been specially developed with this in mind. We have taken all the features and benefits of our Natural Nosh range but added further tasty, healthy ingredients ranging from superfoods to healthy supplements. Natural Nosh+ for dogs is a mirror image of the way we try to live our own lives now with a healthier diet.

Tail Twisters is a fun range of premium rawhide treats for dogs made with real chicken breast meat. Our Chewylicious Chicken Rawhide Twists are made with 65% chicken breast meat!

Dental disease is one of the most common medical conditions seen by veterinarians. Did you know that over 80% of dogs over the age of three have active dental disease? Our Dr Dental range of dog treats have been specifically designed to keep our dogs teeth and gums clean and healthy. Featuring Dental Sticks with added vitamins, Dental Brushes with mint flavour and log bones with added superfoods.

Our Grillhouse Dog Treats are made using a totally unique process and feature Tasty T-Bone Steaks, Savoury Chicken Legs and Crunchy Kebabs.

Leaps & Bounds Dog Treats are perfect for training and reward or if you just want to indulge your dog a little! Products include grain free training treats made with 70% Lamb and Salmon and Hot Dog Sausages made with over 90% meat!

Our Leaps and Bounds Cat Treats feature Crunchy Cushions and Snack Sticks. Our delicious Crunchy Cushions are crunchy on the outside with a delicious creamy filling on the inside. They are available in Chicken, Salmon and Cheese. Our Salmon & Trout Snack Snicks are made with a minimum of 50% Salmon & Trout - they are also available in Chicken & Liver.

We have something for every dog or cat regardless of age, size, breed or taste!