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The Best Dog Walking Spots In The UK
04 MAY 2021

The Best Dog Walking Spots In The UK

If the last year has taught us pet parents one thing, it’s that a walk with our four-legged friend - even if it is only local - has been the perfect excuse to get outdoors and unwind. For many, these adventures have been a much needed break from the busy goings on in life. So, with restrictions now lifting to allow UK-based travel including overnight stays in private accommodation - the months ahead are set for plenty of adventures. We’ve teamed up with Forest Holidays to bring you the best dog walking spots across the UK from Deerpark, Cornwall to Strathyre in Scotland. With 11 holiday locations nestled within beautiful natural settings across our country’s woodland, Forest Holidays offer pet-friendly cabins, making it easier to sniff out the pawfect holiday!

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